Welcome to DWSPP!
A special effort for a basic need.

Millions of people living in the Potomac River basin are provided with safe drinking water every day. Meeting emerging challenges and ensuring a reliable supply for the future, however, requires vigilance and cooperation. By undertaking a collaborative approach, the unique Potomac River Basin Drinking Water Source Protection  Partnership (DWSPP) – almost two dozen water suppliers and government agencies – helps to ensure that people’s most basic need for clean, safe and abundant water is reliably met.

DWSPP LogoThe Partnership is a voluntary association of water suppliers and government agencies focused on protecting drinking water sources in the Potomac River basin. This coalition of water utilities and management/regulatory agencies enables a comprehensive approach to protecting raw water supplies in the basin.

Through work groups and active discussion at meetings, the Partnership is identifying a strategy for carrying forward source water protection as recommended by source water assessments that were prepared throughout the Potomac River basin. The Partnership now has 20 member organizations.


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