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Potomac River Basin Drinking Water Source Protection Partnership

For general information, contact:

Karin Bencala, Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin
Telephone: 301-274-8139

For specific information about special topics or workgroup activities, contact:

Agricultural Issues Workgroup
Chair: vacant

Early Warning and Emergency Response Workgroup
Chair: Carlton Haywood, ICPRB

Co-Chair: Shabir Choudhary, Washington Aqueduct

Emerging Contaminants Workgroup
Chair: Martin Chandler, WSSC

Co-Chair: Patrick Bowling, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Disinfection By-Products Workgroup
Chair: vacant

Reaching Out Workgroup
Chair: Nicole Kaiser, DC Water

Urban Issues Workgroup
Chair: Greg Prelewicz, Fairfax Water

Water Quality Data Workgroup
Chair: Niffy Saji, Fairfax Water