Emerging Contaminants and Water Supply workshop

September 19, 2005

Emerging contaminants include pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and endocrine disrupting chemicals that have been discovered in surface and/or ground water. This workshop examined emerging contaminants, particularly endocrine disrupting chemicals, from the perspective of water supply agencies. The workshop was offered by the Potomac DWSP Partnership to interested water suppliers and government agencies at no charge.

Workshop brochure and agenda


  • Educate water suppliers and government agencies on emerging contaminants in the Potomac basin.
  • Provide an overview of currently available data.
  • Discuss a plan of action for furthering our understanding of emerging contaminants and their possible impacts on the Potomac River basin as a drinking water supply.


Pharmaceuticals and Other Emerging Contaminants in Water Resources of the U.S.
Dana Kolpin, USGS

Overview of USGS Studies on Pesticides and Other Toxic Contaminants in the Potomac River Basin
Cherie Miller, Ph.D., USGS

Pharmaceuticals and EDCs in Water Supplies – Cause for Concern?
David Orvos, Ph.D., Sweet Briar College

Presence of Estrogen Hormones and Antibiotics in the Environment
Rominder Suri, Ph.D., P.E., Villanova University

Sampling for Potential Endocrine-Disrupting Compounds, South Branch of the Potomac River, Cacapon River, and Williams River, West Virginia
Douglas Chambers, USGS 

Biological Effects of EDCs on Fishes
Vicki Blazer, Ph.D.* and Luke Iwanowicz, USGS 

Environmental Questions and Community Concerns: The Role of Public Health Research
Alan Ducatman, M.D.,* WVU School of Medicine and Patricia Colsher, Ph.D., WV Dept of Health & Human Resources 

Emerging Contaminants: Risk Communication Strategies for Utilities
Lisa Ragain, George Washington University

What are the U.S. EPA’s Programmatic/Regulatory and Research Interests in Endocrine Disruptors?
Elaine Francis, Ph.D., U.S. EPA 

Providing Water: Risk of a Litigation Flood?
Barbara Little, J.D., Jackson Kelly PLLC 

Reducing Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water Sources
Dana Heriegel, J.D., U.S. EPA

Emerging Contaminants: What Happens during Potable Water Treatment?
Kim Linton, AwwaRF 

* Presenter of jointly authored paper

Workshop Chair: Martin Chandler, WSSC

Sponsorship: The workshop was funded in part by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission.